Something else one can easily do when it’s raining outside is eat, especially in America. We’ve already seen many interesting restaurants around the island we want to try. Our first meal on the island was breakfast at Denny’s.
We also have Denny’s in Japan, but it’s totally different in America. The interior and menu are nothing alike, but we like them both. Denny’s here is cheaper though and the portions are much larger. We were so full that we had to skip lunch. After a long process of choosing, dinner was finally had at Chili’s. Because Yasu loves nachos and Chili’s seemed like they’d serve them.
They did, but in some kind of salad version which Yasu loved. And I tried to finish a huge rack of ribs.

5 thoughts on “Food

  1. oooeeeh die spare ribs zien er wel erg lekker uit :]

    Dankzij jou heb ik trouwens een onderwerp voor mijn public speech.
    want jij vertelde over werken in japan met al die regels en late uren en weinig vakantie en dat is nu dus mijn onderwerp =p

    veel plezier nog daar :]

    [de peanutbutter m&m's waren trouwens wel lekker =p]


  2. Oh wow een speech over de Japanse werkcultuur! Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt om te doen, en dat de rest het ook spannend vindt :).

    Ja, raar idee maar best lekker die pindakaas M&M's! Ik was ook verrast.


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