Banana pudding birthday roll cake

Even though it’s Yasu’s birthday today, I still had to work, of course. Unfortunately, for me work ends pretty late so we didn’t really have time for a real party. So instead Yasu picked me up after work and drove us to a Starbucks with a parking lot (which is actually quite hard to find in Japan). While he was getting us drinks inside, I quickly put some candles on his surprise birthday cake. The nice people at the cake store wrote my message to the birthday boy in chocolate on an edible cake decorator. And I lit all the candles.
It’s a bit challenging to light thirteen candles, especially outside with all the wind. All thirteen wicks took a while to catch fire, and soon the colored wax was dripping all over the roll cake. A quick verse of the Happy Birthday song and a strong blow from Yasu and the fire was gone. I totally forgot to tell him to make a wish, though… Still I hope all his dreams will come true this year.

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