Koyo again

When we went to Kyoto last month to check out the autumn leaves we were too early, as most leaves hadn’t turned yet. And today we returned to find out we were too late, as most leaves had already fallen to the ground. But at least they were still beautifully colored.
We went to Nanzenji, the temple we intended to go to last year, when we unwittingly ended up at Eikandoji. This time we made sure to read the signs and we found the right temple. It charged no entrance even though it houses some nice sightseeing treasures.
There was even an aquaduct:
The most interesting sight we encountered at Nanzenji was a camera crew and a bunch of famous Japanese actors (who I don’t know, of course) recording scenes for some Japanese TV drama. It brought back memories of our own TV adventure.
Thanks to another early morning visit to the dentist (I’m getting better at it, I was almost relaxed…) we were up early. So after all that sightseeing we still had more than enough time left for a long walk to Ginkakuji. Kinkakuji’s sister temple which should have been silver plated, but they never finished it because they ran out of money. It’s under construction now though, so those silver plates might still be on the way.
Lots of things-still-to-see-in-Kyoto-before-we-leave-Japan were taken care of today. Good.

2 thoughts on “Koyo again

  1. Nee nee het verzilveren van Ginkakuji gaat nooit meer gebeuren, was een geintje. Yasu kende ze wel, maar ik ben al weer vergeten hoe ze heten. Deze jas werkt nog heel goed dus hij wordt nog langes niet vervangen!


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