Djamo’s audition

Right now in Belgium the auditions for the Absolut band are happening and Djamo is one of the lucky ones auditioning for a spot in that band. Here are some pictures of his personal interview and him showing his tricks on his guitar.
I’m waiting for them to post his video, because the live stream isn’t really working out and I’m anxious to see his performance. I’m on the other side of the world, still I feel extremely nervous… Hope things are going well.
December 8 update:
They never posted Djamo’s video and they never let him and 15 other finish their auditions because of bad planning. As expected, by everyone except the people that were organizing the event, they ran out of time and choose to send home all the popular entries voted for by the public and kept only the 9 entries auditioning on a wild card. Unfortunately, Djamo never got to jam as promised and spent a whole day waiting in Antwerpen for nothing.
But honestly, I think Djamo is better off starting his own band without Tim Vanhamel. I saw the jam sessions online and was unpleasantly surprised by Mr. Vanhamel, the singer of the band. Apparently, he can’t sing, so he resorted to screaming with echo and jumping like a kangaroo and crawling on the floor. It was terrible to listen to and I couldn’t even hear the music. I really wonder why that guy was sponsored by Absolut to find a band…

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