Yasu at the Cup Noodle Museum

Yasu loves his instant ramen and ever since I visited the Cup Noodle Museum with my family in 2008, I have wanted to take Yasu there. And today I did. And he loved it.
The best thing you can do at ‘The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum’ (the official name of this small museum) is create your own Cup Noodle. First, you purchase an empty cup from the vending machine, and then you spend a considerable amount of time decorating your cup in the drawing area:
Next, you insert noodles at the ‘Noodle Shooter’, and have them add your choice of soup taste and fillings, seal and shrink-wrap your cup in the ‘My Cup Noodle Factory’. And at the end of the factory line, you’ll find your little noodle treasure which you can then take home in a special balloon bag:
After that don’t forget to check out the display of Cup Noodle history inside and a statue of the instant ramen inventor Momofuku Ando outside. And of course the perfect way to end an afternoon of looking at and talking about ramen is by eating some ramen:
Even though Yasu is a huge ramen fan, I’m not that fond of it. But the ramen at this restaurant was really delicious, just like it was last year when I went there with the Dutchies.

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