Minke and Eelco at a Japanese game center

When we got back to Osaka we had some time to kill before dinner, so we introduced Minke and Eelco to a Japanese game center. The most enjoyable in such a game center are always the taiko drums, where you have to play the drums in time with music. Yasu and I showed the Dutchies how to do it, and even though they enjoyed it, they found the UFO catchers way more interesting. They gave it a couple of tries before our delicious dinner of all-you-can-eat yakiniku (table barbecue).
After yakiniku we were so full (again) that it was hard to walk, so we needed some exercise to get our digestion started. What better way to get rid of that over-full feeling than jumping up and down in excitement and frustration in front of a Care Bear UFO catcher?! Minke couldn’t believe it when she saw the Care Bears because they haven’t been around in the Netherlands since we were little girls. So she just had to try. With lots of help from the friendly staff, who kept opening the machine to move the bear closer to the gap and show us exactly where to push (instead of lift) it to get it out and many well-thought-out-tries and many excited screams (from all four of us), the bear was finally conquered! When we calculated how much the bear had cost, it turned out to be really cheap and all the excitement and being won in Japan made the bear extra special of course. The bear was named Umeda and will be emigrating to the Netherlands soon.

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