Celebrating #29

Another birthday, another year closer to thirty, my last year as a twenty-something.
Just after midnight Yasu serenaded me with a Dutch birthday song (Lang zal ze leven), and it was impressive! Only in the end he substituted the ‘hieperdepiep hoera’ (hip hip hurray) with a ‘hieperdehoe goedzo’ (hip how good job). Which obviously was very cute, as were his birthday presents and card.
This was my first birthday ever without my mom physically near me so I started the day with a birthday chat on Skype with my mom, and also Gyano and Guido. It was just past midnight in the Netherlands and seven in the morning in Japan, and therefore my birthday in both parts of the world. They opened with that Dutch birthday song and a birthday cake, and I blew out the candles all the way from Japan through Skype. And my brother Djamo who lives in Belgium left a musical birthday message on our blog.
On a ferry to Miyajima, the Dutchies decorated a box of small cream puffs with ‘Happy Birthday’ and ’29’ candles, which they kept unlit while singing ‘Lang zal ze leven’ en blowing soap bubbles from tiny champagne glasses. And after the song I faked blowing out candles for the second time today!
My mom had sent many presents through mailmen Minke and Eelco, whose suitcases were many kilos heavier than intended thanks to my generous mom. And many Dutchies (Minke, Eelco, my mom and Guido) financed my expensive Shinkansen day-trip to Hiroshima today, thanks so much!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating #29

  1. Dear Louanna,
    I discovered your blog last year in November. At that time I was an aspiring want-to-teach-English-in-Japan-ist when I discovered your blog. While I was looking for jobs and going through the Aeon application process, I ended up reading your entire blog. In fact it's what inspired me to do my own blog.

    It wasn't til I started my own blog and realised how much I love comments that I realised the selfishness of my ways. I read your entire blog without one comment! So here is my first (actually second) comment (of more to come). I love reading your blog :)

    Your fan,



  2. It's always great to find out people are reading all the stories I'm writing here. The whole blog, wow, that was a lot of work, nice job! And yeah I love comments too!

    I think your blog is very interesting too, I like reading about other people's experiences here in Japan, especially when they have the same job. As you've noticed I've been reading most of yours last night, not done yet though.


  3. Ghe ghe… en je moemie heeft niet eens gecommet op jouw verjaardagsblog… ik schaam me dood!!! Maar ach, je vergeeft het me toch wel!
    Ik ben heel blij voor jou dat je toch een leuke en fijne verjaardag hebt gehad ook al was ik er niet bij…maar wel in gedachten.
    DVK XXXXXXXX je moemie.

    Cool om zo'n fan te hebben!!!


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