Minke and Eelco at Hanabi in Uji

During the summer in Japan fireworks festivals (hanabi matsuri) are held nearly everyday someplace in the country, in total numbering more than 200 during the month of August. The festivals consist of large fireworks shows which usually last for about an hour and attract thousands of spectators. Many Japanese men and women don yukata (summer kimono) when they attend hanabi. People come in large groups of family or friends to have a picnic while enjoying the fireworks show.
Street vendors set up stalls (yatai) to sell various drinks and Japanese snacks, like karaage, takoyaki, cold cucumbers, meat skewers, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, kakigori. The quality isn’t really great and the prices are enormously high, so many people bring their own food. We didn’t, so we spent a lot of money on food and drinks and it wasn’t very good, except for the ramune (Japanese summer drink).
But as always the fireworks were spectacular, and nothing like what I normally see at New Year’s at home.
We had to come early and walk pretty far to get to the fireworks place, and then spend some time searching for a spot in between the thousands of Japanese already there, but it was fun. I think our Dutch guests enjoyed it too, although Minke got bored after a while because it lasted so long and it looked all the same to her. Hope she still enjoyed one of Japan’s typical summer activities.
Minke and Eelco at Hanabi in Uji

2 thoughts on “Minke and Eelco at Hanabi in Uji

  1. I enjoyed the fireworks a lot, also I enjoyed hearing people say “Oooohhh!!” “Waaaa!” or etc, impressed with the fireworks. I joined that too.


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