On my birthday in 1999, we traveled to France to see a total solar eclipse, armed with our special protective glasses, we waited staring up the sky, but all we saw were clouds. It got very dark for a few minutes, but we never saw the eclipse let alone the supposedly beautiful corona. That was such a big disappointment for all of us. Then one of my students tells me there’s about to be a solar eclipse here in Japan, not a total eclipse in Osaka, but an 80% partial one. That was last night, and that eclipse is visible right as I type this. Apparently it’s the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century, but of course it’s cloudy again…
Still, I just had to try and see it so I biked around in the neighborhood to find an open spot to gaze up in the sky. Found some people taking pictures of the sky near the driving school grounds, looked up and saw the partial eclipse! You’re not supposed to look at the eclipse without protective glasses, or take photos without a special filter, but of course I had none of these. But the eclipse was hiding behind a thin curtain of clouds, which actually made the sickle shaped sun visible and kind of photographable (see the photo on the right of today’s eclipse). A few minutes later the clouds shifted and the eclipse came into clear view turning it into a blinding fireball. So I guess during this eclipse the clouds were a good thing.

One thought on “Eclipse

  1. Mooi heej… we hadden het vanmorgen ook gezien maar dan op tv. En die ene van toen kwam terug in mijn herinnering… het was een beetje koud, vochtig en schemerdonker weertje. En een apart sfeertje. Een stil sfeertje. Maar speciaal om mee te maken ook al hebben we niets gezien.
    DVK XXXXXXXxx je moemie.


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