Saturday in the Netherlands

My mom and Guido went to an Indonesian Pasar Malam today, which I couldn’t join because I wanted to attend my grandfather’s wake in the evening and they wouldn’t be back in time. So instead I did some blogging on my computer in an empty house, a different house than where we lived last time I was in the Netherlands. My parents are moving to a newly built house this summer and their old house is already sold, so this is kind of the in-between house, it’s a bit small but a lot bigger than what I’m used to in Japan.
In the afternoon I hung out with Gyano and his girlfriend a bit. For lunch we went to a Dutch snackbar (ironically owned by Koreans), and I had all my favorites: friet speciaal, frikandel speciaal, a beef kroket and carbonated sweet iced tea! What a wonderful lunch.
In the early evening Gyano and I went to the wake. Our grandfather looked different from what I remember. He was much thinner and his skin was yellow due to his fatal liver disease, so at first it was a bit hard to recognize him. But soon I got used to how he looked and started seeing the man I used to know. It was sad but good to see him one more time to say goodbye. Almost the whole family and lots of close friends came to say goodbye to Opa.

Back at home, my mom and Guido came back from the Pasar Malam with some delicious Indonesian food for dinner, and while I enjoyed that they discovered the joy that my iPhone is.
They especially enjoyed the Grolsch air hockey game, but my mom didn’t really understand the rules and kept ‘cheating’ and therefore winning. It is nice to be home (even though it’s an unknown home) with all the people I love.

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