Bag of Dutch groceries

Tomomi went to Europe for her Golden Week holidays, more specifically to Belgium and a small visit to the Netherlands! She knows I’m not planning a trip home for at least another year so she asked me for a list of Dutch things I missed so she could bring them back for me. I’m doing quite fine in Japan without my Dutch favorites, so I could only come up with a few things like my favorite black licorice and ontbijtkoek, and just in case she wasn’t stopping in the Netherlands after all, my favorite white chocolate with rice puffs from Belgium. But sweet Tomomi brought way more with her, not only did she bring the things I asked for, she chose some more licorice and brought two surprises Dutch mayonnaise and curry-ketchup!
I’d been talking to her about friet speciaal before she went to Europe, urging her to try it because it’s so good. And now she brought me the sauces so I can make my own friet speciaal in Japan. Especially after having some friet speciaal at Oude Kaas and loving it this weekend, Tomomi’s surprise was absolutely perfect! I had no idea how happy her souvenirs were going to make me until actually unpacking the bag of groceries today. I guess I miss home and things from home more than I realized! Thanks Tomomi!

One thought on “Bag of Dutch groceries

  1. Alweer hèt nederlandse??? Niet een beetje teveel gehad van het nederlandse???? Duh!!
    Kun je nooit teveel van krijgen toch?
    Heel lief van Tomomi dat ze zo attent is.
    DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXXx je moemie.


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