Saying goodbye to Jungwon

How we wished we had booked a longer vacation in Seoul, we’re not sure why we didn’t because we don’t have to work until Thursday… Being in Seoul for three more days would even be cheaper than spending them in Japan. And we’ve had so much fun hanging out with Jungwon, it has been our best trip so far! Jungwon picked up us at the hotel, where we freed our balloons to the open sky just before getting on the bus to the airport. Jungwon brought some mini Dunkin Donuts for the ride, which we actually ate with some coffee at a Dunkin Donuts cafe at the airport.
Jungwon gave us some cute Korean cards with messages from her and her twin sister, which made us even sadder.
We were very happy to leave Korea (not!) and Jungwon was very unhappy we were leaving. Saying goodbye never gets any easier, but all good things have to come to an end. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll have another reunion. Hope so.
Yasu and I had different flights back to Japan, again. My Korean Air flight back to Japan was even emptier than the flight to Korea. I only saw one other passenger in my part of the plane and she was like 15 rows behind me. It was quite a weird experience sitting in an ‘empty’ plane.
Leaving Seoul

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