Nailpolish and media poles in Gangnam

Seoul feels very different from Japanese cities. Seoul is a huge city with multiple lane streets and it’s very westernized with uncountable Western stores and restaurants, and a truly unbelievable variety and number of coffee shops (Yasu is very jealous of Seoulites). We started today with some browsing in one of those immense shopping streets in Gangnam, because Yasu wanted to buy some souvenirs for his family. Apparently, Korean face masks are very wanted in Japan, so Jungwon took us to the Face Shop to find some. But we found more there: hundreds of nail polish bottles. And Jungwon couldn’t resist trying out all the colors on all our nails.
After all our nails were polished and after purchasing our favorite colors of nail polish and several face masks we headed back to the street. Where we discovered something very interesting: the new Gangnam Media Poles, which have been there since March. A long line of 12-meter-high digital black signposts, 21 in total and they’re quite impressive to look at.
You can use the poles’ huge touch screens to check today’s newspaper, to use a mapping service to find your way around Seoul, to access Seoul’s bus and subway maps, to create a 3D dancing avatar, to locate restaurants and shops, to play multiplayer games, and to send digital postcards with handwritten messages and your picture to any email address. And then I could use the free wifi the poles provide to check if the postcards made it to my email with my iPhone.

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