The smell of garlic

For dinner we met one of Jungwon’s old coworkers from Samsung, Yoel Hoe. Jungwon has changed jobs already but Yoel He still works there and he often travels to Japan for business so he was fluent in Japanese. Which was fun for Yasu but useless to me, but luckily he also spoke English. We were supposed to go eat some topogi, sticky rice-cake cylinders with red spicy sauce, Jungwon’s favorite Korean food, but we ended up having dinner at an Italian restaurant. When we were walking past the restaurant the smell of garlic was so irresistible, we forgot all about topogi and opted for pizza and pasta instead.
It wasn’t the best choice we made today, I mean the food wasn’t bad but we’re in Korea for only a few days and we ought to experience as much Korean cuisine as we can. And let’s face it the Koreans are just as good as the Japanese at cooking Italian food, which is what we should have expected. The smell of garlic is a sweet seductress and I wish we wouldn’t have succumbed to it so easily, especially since the waiters couldn’t even figure out what dish smelled so garlicky, so we never got to eat what smelled so good outside. Still we had a lot of fun and that’s what’s really important.

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