Seoul Museum of Art?

We were heading for Deoksugung Palace but Yasu, a.k.a. Mr. Pee-a-lot, needed a toilet first so we made a small detour to the Seoul Museum of Art, where they have nice and clean toilets we heard from our tour guide Jungwon. On the way there Jungwon was very happy to discover a famous wall, which couples are supposed to walk by hand in hand to ensure their future happiness. So we made sure to hold hands when we walked to the museum, and now we expect to live our lives happily ever after.
At the museum some kind of weird art expo was going on outdoors, which was introduced by a bunch of small and large plastic blow-up bodyguards hiding between the trees and bushes, and uncomfortably protecting their special areas.
They also had some pandas, a big one dragging its baby along and a Pooh Panda which seemed to have caused some kind of explosion and likes his honey blood-red.
Some art was thirsty. There were blue otters enjoying a cup of coffee, and s child soldier on a big army tank was drinking very popular Korean banana milk through his gas mask hose.
Other art was inexplicable, like a huge pointy face just lying around somewhere and a couple of what seemed to be clouds and cow utters blended together just flying around.
But our absolute favorite was the big mosaic turd. Yasu and Jungwon displayed some excellent teamwork while producing the lump of colorful excrement, and then we enjoyed it as a nice and warm place to hang and look cool.
Yasu and I’ve never really been into art, but we enjoyed this exposition nonetheless. But I’m not sure if we can classify this kind of stuff under art…
Seoul Museum of Art?

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