Prada Transformer

Yesterday Jungwon told us we would be visiting the Prada Transformer today. Of course, we had no clue what that was and she told us it was a new building that changes by itself, and will be different in a couple of months. This vague explanation didn’t really enlighten us, actually it confused us more as we were now expecting to see a building that is constantly but slowly moving, somehow… Like a real-life but sluggish transformer, which the name kind of seems to suggest. So we were slightly disappointed to find a rather ugly tent-like building which didn’t move at all.
Inside was an exhibition of Prada skirts, and some of them actually did move, or at least the mechanisms they were draped upon. They had dozens of skirts and card-board cut-outs of skirts in that weird building and all we could do there is look at them or take pictures of them, which is what I did to entertain myself, as I’m not really into skirts.
Yasu isn’t really into skirts or fashion either, and he doesn’t work a camera so he spent his time doing a little work-out with the stone benches outside the Transformer. He’s so strong!
So why is this building named Transformer? Because in a month or so the walls are moved to a different position (by people, not by itself) and the skirts are taken out and a big TV screen is taken in to create a temporary cinema. Which is probably more entertaining than a collection of skirts, but by then we won’t be in Seoul anymore.
Prada Transformer

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