Cheap public transportation

After norebang we had to find another way back to our hotel, because our ride took off just before all the singing action. It was already after midnight and if we’d been in Japan this would have been an expensive joke. In Japan, trains, subways and buses stop running around and before midnight, and the only way home is inside an expensive taxi. But here in Seoul public transportation keeps running until 5AM (but less frequent than during the day), and starts up again at 6AM. Yet, Jungwon still summoned a taxi for us to ride ‘home’ in… Why? Because using a taxi is jaw-droppingly cheap here!
Using the bus costs near to nothing already, it’s kind of a flat-rate system, a dollar to get on the bus and get off wherever you want, no matter how long the trip. We’ve been using the bus all day because we’ve been traveling from one end of the city to the other. But we weren’t going far tonight and in such a case a taxi is easier and cheaper than three already-cheap-bus-fares. I’m no longer surprised Jungwon likes using a taxi on a very frequent basis, who wouldn’t at these prices? I’m pretty sure we’ll end up in a few more Korean taxicabs this vacation.

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