Seoul, here we are!

After we both had a very comfortable (meaning hardly any other passengers) flight on two separate airlines, we reconvened at beautiful and huge Seoul Incheon Airport. After a some coffee at the Coffee Bean and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts we hopped on a bus to the city. Jungwon had given us all the details before our trip, so we had no problem finding the limosine bus at the airport, the right bus stop and our hotel in Seoul.
Soon after settling in at the hotel, Jungwon came to pick us up and seeing her again after almost 5 years was fantastic. She is still the crazy and cheeky girl from back then, she just looks a little more like a woman than a girl with her make-up and high heels. I wonder when I’m ever going to graduate to that stage? Anyway, This is going to be a fun trip here in Seoul with Jungwon guiding us through the city she grew up in.
Going to KoreaMeeting the Kims

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