Up north

We had a car at our disposal today but not really a destination. After thinking about it for a very long time we choose to drive up north because we’d never done that before. When Yasu was young he’d been to some beach in the north of Kyoto prefecture, and as the weather is pretending it’s summer anyway we went for it. We didn’t find the exact beach Yasu remembers but we did find another beach which was beautiful and deserted. It was a long drive, but we both love road trips and I got to eat a fish head for lunch, so… Yeah, I didn’t really know what I was ordering, still it was pretty tasty.
The water was nice and cold in my opinion and cold and awful in Yasu’s opinion. I spent some time walking through the water and Yasu just observed. The nasty thing about walking through the water at a beach is that afterwards is nearly impossible to clean your feet. But we found some showers stalls which were in service, where I managed, to Yasu’s and my own amusement, to get my jeans soaked even though I tried to just rinse my feet…

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