No free-parking zone

There are a lot of things convenient about living in a big city, but there’s one thing very inconvenient and that’s parking. True I don’t own a car and rarely care about this problem, but Yasu sometimes has a car at his disposal and then I do care. Like tomorrow, we’ll be using a car and it would be nice if he could drive to Tsukamoto tonight and park it somewhere for the night. So this morning I spent an hour biking around Tsukamoto to find some parking, of course there was no free and legal parking to be found anywhere, but I did found several small parking lots, and of course they all require payment. But there’s a lot around the corner from my house, where we can park the car during the night for a reasonable price as long as we get the car out before 8 AM.
The alternative is Yasu biking to my place for 30 minutes tonight, biking back to his house tomorrow morning, 20 minutes of him driving back to my place to pick me up, and return the car to his house in the evening and bike back to Tsukamoto again. Of course, there are other options, like spending the night at his house, or spending the night apart, but those options are even worse than Yasu biking an enormous amount or paying for parking. So we conveniently parked the car around the corner for a small price.

3 thoughts on “No free-parking zone

  1. …but we those options are even worse than Yasu biking…??? Snap die zin niet zo goed ;-).En? Wat hebben jullie dus gedaan? Yasu laten fietsen offuh…?DVK XXXXXXXXXXxx je moemie.


  2. Voor mij helemaal duidelijk (na aangepaste stukje lezen;), was tevens ook mijn eerste keer dit lezen hihi)! ‘Even worse’ stukje moest ik wel om lachen en helemaal mee eens!! x


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