Master of Interviews

My company likes to reward its employees with cookies, and there are several ways to win cookies every month. Usually, our school is one of the top-three performers (financially anyway) in the Kansai region, so we get a big box of cookies to share with the whole staff. Usually, the cookies are snacked away between classes and they don’t survive the week. But apparently, you can also win your personal (smaller) box of cookies as a Master of Interviews. I vaguely remember the contest being mentioned in a teacher’s meeting, but honestly such a contest doesn’t motivate me to perform better, so it was a surprise to find out three of our school’s teachers had won, including me.

So today I was presented with my own box of heart-shaped cookies (although I don’t really eat cookies, but Yasu does!) for being a Master of Interviews, and with a Parker pen engraved with my name for being February’s Teacher of the Month (I hope they’re not making a calendar or something). The latter prize even came with an official certificate in Japanese (with an English translation) for me to frame and show off on my wall. I didn’t do anything special to win either prize, but it’s always nice to know your work is being appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Master of Interviews

  1. Ghe ghe… gefeliciteerd! Er niets voor hoeven te doen om te winnen… knap staaltje werk!Ennuh, je eigen pen met je naam erop is toch wel heel speciaal.DVK XXXXXXXX je moemie.


  2. Ja alleen jammer dat de pen zo lelijk is, haha! Die van Enzo was een ander model en blauw met platina en dat zag er langes niet zo goedkoop uit als dit rood met goud. Maar het is een Parker-pen dus hij schrijft wel fijn. xx


  3. Congratulation on your winning for the Master of Interviews ! I’m happy that you get it!
    Because I really think you are good teacher and always doing your best.Thank you for teaching me!


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