Sukiyaki lesson

When I was still teaching and living in Inuyama, Maiko and I went to check out Tsukamoto once, just to see what I could expect. On the train there from Umeda, I kind of ran into Yasu’s aunt Akiko (it took a while for us to positively ID each other, because we’d only met once in January 2005), and she asked me to come over to her house one day. Since then I’ve moved to Tsukamoto, but Yasu and I never got around to visiting Akiko. Then two mornings ago, before catching the train to work I ran into Akiko again, this time at Lawson’s where I found her frantically waving at me (and again it took me a while to recognize her). And today we finally made it to her house for a visit! It’s actually Yasu’s grandmother Kyoko’s house, where Akiko and her brother still live, Akiko’s sister (Yasu’s mother) moved out a long time ago.
Kyoko and Akiko prepared a gorgeous meal of sukiyaki for us and Hiromasa, Yasu’s younger brother who also needed to be fed as his parents are on vacation now. I love sukiyaki and know it’s easy to cook, and I’ve wanted to give it a go ever since I bought myself an electric nabe, but I never really knew how to go about it until now. Sukiyaki is cooked at the table so I got to witness each and every step of the cooking process and will definitely be able to copy that someday soon, maybe before a movie night on the red couch! It was fun to visit Yasu’s family and catch up and eat such delicious food.

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