Waving out of the window

When I still lived in Europe and people left our house we would always go outside as a group to the driveway or balcony (depending on the living situation) and wave them goodbye. Maybe we already missed the people leaving or we wanted to make sure they were really gone, in any case it was kind of the tradition to ceremoniously wave at people when they were going home. And these days in Japan, I like to open the window and wave my boyfriend goodbye when he bikes home. But some overgrown and blinding tree in front of my window has made this impossible, so I would just tell him goodbye because we couldn’t see each other when I opened the window. But this morning it was exceptionally light in my room, I opened the window and they finally pruned that annoying tree!
Now I have a view! It’s a very urban view, no beautiful mountains in sights just other ugly apartment buildings and lots of other uninteresting stuff. But that’s not important because now I can wave at my departing boyfriend again and open the window without any creepy-crawlies stepping from the leaves into my room.

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