iPhone continued

My first Japanese phone contract was obtained in Yasu’s name, because I didn’t have an Alien Registration Card at the time yet. So for almost two years, Yasu has been paying my phone bills and receiving refunds from me. And even though this was a reasonable solution, it would have been more convenient if Softbank would have just taken the money out of my account. So that’s why I wanted my new phone contract to be in my own name, but I wanted an iPhone and Softbank is not willing to let dirty foreigners sign up for an iPhone contract. But my desire for an iPhone was too strong, so we decided to let Yasu get me my new phone in his name as well, because he is Japanese and therefore ‘clean’ enough for Softbank’s iPhone contract. 
This time we went to another Softbank store, because the clerk’s pushy sales behavior at the other store made me feel very uncomfortable, last Friday. Even though he was a native English speaker, the Japanese clerk at the new store (translated by Yasu) was much more helpful and answered all my questions honestly. She let me make my own decisions and didn’t push me to choose an iPhone plan I didn’t want by making up things (we discovered his lies in the new store), giving me weird reasons (like “it would be nicer to your boyfriend if you choose the 8GB 26 month plan”…huh?), and withholding the actual information I was asking for, and sighing deeply when I insisted and he had to calculate what I wanted to know (and then giving me a much lower number than I got today from the Japanese clerk).
Anyway, today in the new store I chose the desired 14 month contract for the white 16GB iPhone, which Yasu signed for me. So the inconvenience of having to pay Yasu (which we often forget and then I end up paying several months at once) is going to continue. But what’s also going to continue is being able to call Yasu for free for as long as I want to thanks to Softbank’s Family Plan, because there is no family member closer to Yasu than Yasu himself. The calling-each-other-for-free-24/7 option has been used a whole lot in the last two years by the two of us and we’re definitely not going to stop using it. And I guess that’s worth more than the inconvenience. And of course I’m overjoyed to have my new iPhone!

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