Be professional

Last Saturday, we already had a big farewell party with a large group of students, but today was the Australian’s actual last day at the school, and from Saturday (tomorrow is an official day off, but I don’t know why) the American is going to take over. So we went for a late dinner at Hokkaido (which serves loads of cheesy, potatoey and crabby foods) to say goodbye once more. The Welshman made him a special T-shirt with the manager doing the ‘Be Professional’ gesture, which was her special gesture for just the Australian, who really needed that occasional reminder. Unfortunately, the Welshman couldn’t give the awesome handmade (!) shirt to the Australian himself, because he’s currently on special leave due to a death in his family. But the rest of us made sure to remind the Australian to remain professional in his new Japanese life with the manager’s two-finger gesture.
It was a good chance to learn more about the new teacher too. Saturday the school is going to be a whole new place, without the Australian and the emergency teacher and with the new teacher and the Welshman will make his return too, which I’m really excited about because I’ve missed him terribly, and with me the other teachers and of course his students.

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