Farewell & welcome party

One of the native teachers is leaving us next week, and a new one has joined us to take over his place. To celebrate the Australian’s departure and the American’s arrival we had another party in Esaka, at the same restaurant we had our wild Christmas party ! The food isn’t that good but the drinks are. Unfortunately they didn’t have sweet white wine this time but they did have way-to-sweet fake sangria wine, which did the trick. Many students showed up and nearly everyone got drunk, again! It was another good party and we had a short (because we had to catch out last trains home) after-party at a karaoke place next door.

Next Tuesday, the new teacher will start working with us and the departing teacher will show him the ropes. Our school won’t be the same after the Australian leaves, and I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing ;). At least we had an awesome party!

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