Teacher of the month

Every month the head-office chooses a teacher of the month from all the schools in Kansai. I have no idea what the criteria are or how many nominees there are per month… But guess who’s teacher of this month:
Our manager nominated two native teachers from our school and we both won. Apparently, the price is a pen with our names engraved on it which will be ours to keep forever and prove that we were once teacher of the month. I just think it’s nice to know the manager is happy to have me around :).

5 thoughts on “Teacher of the month

  1. HEY POEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEIGEFELICITEERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ghe ghe, heeft ff geduurd voor ik weer eens kon reageren maar bij deze.BEN TROTS OP JE!!!!!DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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