Before heading back to Osaka, we wanted to visit famous Harajuku one more time. Of course, Harajuku is famous for herds of young people with an outrageous sense of fashion, but we came there for the crêpe stores on Takeshita-dori. They sell rolled-up French pancakes (large and very thin) with a choice of fillings. They have lots of sweet options, with things like chocolate, fruit, ice cream, custard, whipped cream and cheesecake, but they also have some savory filling options like cheese, salmon, salad or vegetables. But we’ve only ever had sweet ones, and that’s what we wanted today.

After dessert in a cold and crowded side alley in Harajuku we jumped on a Shinkansen home, not as fancy as the one on Sunday but still way more comfortable than a plane (which is also a popular means of travel between Tokyo and Osaka).

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