Trying some things

Takoyaki (octopus balls) is a typical Osaka food, which I’ve never liked. Not because I don’t like octopus (which I do like) but because I don’t like the copious amounts of brown sauce and bonito flakes on top of it. Which is also one of the main reasons I don’t like the other typical Osaka food: okonomiyaki. But I didn’t like a lot of Japanese things when I first got here, which now I do like and some even love, like cold barley tea, tofu and miso soup. So lately, I’ve been thinking to give takoyaki another chance, and Yasu loves it so we got a boat of balls together, today. We bought them outside the station here in Tsukamoto, but Yasu was cold so we ate them inside the station, which resulted in a lot of stares. Oh well, I get stared at all the time for looking foreign so I’m used to it. I finished four whole balls and I kind of liked them! Am I turning Japanese?
After a lunch of octopus balls we went to Umeda to get ourselves massaged. I had one short official massage in Tokyo before, which kind of hurt, but I wanted to give it another try and Yasu needed some relaxation (he’s been too stressed lately). We found a massage place in the Yodobashi camera building and paid someone to knead our flesh for an hour. Yasu got some set-course of reflexology and body massage, and I ordered several reflexology massages; foot-leg, arm-hand, head and face. At sometimes it was painful but overall it was very nice! Next time, I’m going to get a neck massage.
Dinner was a new experience too: Indian food. I’ve never eaten Indian food before and I was a bit apprehensive when I saw all the curries on the menu, because I don’t like curry. But when Yasu asked what I wanted for dinner earlier, I’d said “something new”, and that’s what this was. So we stayed, and ordered from real Indian people.
And the food was really good, very spicy, and really tasty. And the nan bread was just great, I would go back just for some of that. Dessert was coffee at Starbucks in the building next door and that concluded another weekend… Why are the weekends always so short?

2 thoughts on “Trying some things

  1. I tried takoyaki when I first came to Fujieda and it wasn’t as bad as I expected – BUT I had to eat it without the standard fish flakes.I’ve tried Indian food for the first time in Japan, too, and it’s great! Nan bread is one of my new favorite things.


  2. Ziet er allemaal erg lekker uit. Waar smaakt dat brood dan naar? Ziet er een beetje plat uit, platter dan een turks brood. Lijkt een beetje op een extra grote cracker.DVK XXXXXXX je moemie.


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