Unusual karaoke

When I found out my new friend Yumiko’s been a fan of Bon Jovi since she was nine, I knew we had to meet up in some karaoke room soon. Tonight was finally the night! We went to Shidax in Esaka and started off immediately by singing a number of Bon Jovi songs. Which was really fun, but during singing we would occasionally stop to continue talking which of course was also fun.
Then over dinner (inside the karaoke room) we discovered that we’re both Linkin Park fans too! So we decided to sing one Linkin Park song before continuing with Bon Jovi. But singing the Linkin Park song turned out to be so much fun, that we ended up singing almost all Linkin Park songs in the machine, and only one more Bon Jovi song before we left! Highly unusual karaoke behavior for me, but it was so refreshing to sing something I’d never sung before, and something that is a tad more aggressive than Bon Jovi songs are.�

One thought on “Unusual karaoke

  1. Hi Lou!Thank you for wriiting about our exiting karaoke night,and I’m so happy to see this picture ! It was great time !!Of course ,to sing Bonjovi songs was fun,but, Linkin Park songs madeus crazy than we expected.Let’s go again.Oh!I was suprised that you’d tried takoyaki andcurries, because you said you couldn’t eat them the day before.I’m sure that you are coming Japanese.See You! love:Yumiko


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