Yasu & Louana on Dutch TV (with English subtitles)

A little over two years ago, when I was still living in the Netherlands, I missed Yasu because I hadn’t seen him for over a year. I wrote a letter to a Dutch TV show which reunites people who live far apart, for the holidays. As expected, I didn’t hear back from them… But Yasu and Gy did! And behind my back they arranged a reunion with the producers of the show, which led to me being kidnapped to Russia in a private jet and finding Yasu there on some public square! Read the full story here. Of course, this was all broadcasted on TV on Christmas Eve, and I tried to put it online, but I didn’t really know how to do it and the quality wasn’t good. But I’ve finally figured out how to do it properly and I’ve even added English subtitles:

27 thoughts on “Yasu & Louana on Dutch TV (with English subtitles)

  1. First time I saw it, I cried! After that they took us to a very nice hotel and told us we could charge anything to the room! Phonecalls home, roomservice, drinks etc.!


  2. Hey Lou,Leuk om het filmpje nog een keer te bekijken.Kreeg weer tranen in mijn ogen op het einde.Lief trouwens hoe Robert jou een kleine aai over je wang geeft. Je ben ook zo lief en schattig.Dikke kus


  3. Aaaah! Sooo romantic and cute! I'm crying here… you guys are meant to be together! I wish for the best, you're the sweetest of couples!! Hugs xxx


  4. Wow Louana! I'm so glad you showed this to me, it really made my day. I'm sure that had to be a real shock after not hearing from them, and then suddenly they're showing up at your doorstep. XD

    I got chills, it reminded me of the first time I saw my boyfriend all those years ago in Schiphol. ^_^ I'm sure you two both deserved that wonderful experience. :)

    xx Tori


  5. Oh dimi, you're crying! Everyone in the TV studio audience did the same when we saw the video on the big screen. And of course, me too!

    Torilynn, it was such an unbelievable experience. Something we still often think about fondly. You two should sign up too, you never know! Unless you've already made holiday plans together :).


  6. Hello Louana,

    I hope it's not inapropiate to ask, but I was in the “all you need christmasspecial 2006” as well, suprising my husband and children. We were at the end of the programme. However, I don't have it on tape and would so much like to see it back or have a copy. If somehow you can help me out that would be so great. You can contact me by email: justthe2ofus_2@hotmail.com
    Thank you for your time!!! Greetz, Marije :)


    1. Haha, this clip is a real tear jerker :). Imagine watching the whole show with all the other reunions. When we watched the whole thing in the live studio, everyone was crying pretty consistently, including the crew.


      1. Awww! That’s wonderful. It’s neat to show that kind of emotion. Crying has such a bad reputation sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with it. It brings people together and helps melt any hurting hearts. :) Is the show still going?

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      2. Yes, actually. This show is pretty famous. I remember watching it as a kid/preteen already. I’m 34 now. It used to be a weekly show about love, the show and this presenter helped people declaring their secret love, lonely people find someone special, and per show it reunited people who love each other who lived far away in some other country. At some point the show became a yearly Christmas special all about reuniting Dutchies with their loved ones they hadn’t seen in ages because they lived in some far away abroad country. That Christmas special still happens every year and they even made some regular weekly shows in the last few years again. The show is so wellknown and popular, especially the Christmas Special, that people kept recognizing me on the street. Telling me things like “oh I cried when you kissed your boyfriend” and making me blush. It was quite surreal!

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      3. Wow! That’s wild that people still recognize you! I still am amazed that you had that opportunity. What was that flight like in the private jet?! I can only imagine what was going through your mind once you took off and then finally landed in St. P! Have you ever been back??

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      4. Oh no they don’t still recognize me, just in the weeks and months after the show aired. Thank goodness. Flying in a private yet is the best way to fly ever. Sitting in a lazy boy with a huge table to yourself and getting a delicous fresh fruit salad, is quite different from flying economy! I wish I could have experienced it more consciously and had my camera with me. But I was in a state of shock, confusion and disbelief. A happy state though, even though no one told me what was happening, I knew I would Yasu again in the end and it had been 13 months since we saw each other in real life. Had no idea where we were going, the whole private jet thing was a new feature to the show. They usually just drop your loved one off at your home or work. Never been back to St. P., but we sure made some forever memories there. I was actually more excited to take him back to the Netherlands to show him our new life. Last time he’d been in Europe back then, we lived in Belgium.

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