Day at home

Today we wanted to just do our own things at home. In the morning we bought some food and drinks at the grocery store to get us through the day, and then Yasu did some studying and research about grad schools online, and I caught up on blogging a bit, and subtitling an old movie of us on Dutch TV. It was a relaxing day and we closed it with a visit to a new local yakitori restaurant.

The food was nice but nothing really special, except for the baked potatoes and this opinion which is probably due to a lack of my eating potatoes in Japan. I’ve tried preparing potatoes at home, but for some reason I can’t get them cooked well, they always taste kind of raw still. I wonder how the cook at this restaurant got it to taste so fully cooked and wonderfully potatoey…

More pictures 


3 thoughts on “Day at home

  1. Je had het zeker koud? Handschoenen en een sjaal tijdens het eten.Een gewone dag, niks byzonders maar byzonder genoeg voor jullie toch?DVK XXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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