By bike

In the morning it was dry and sunny so it was perfect weather for a bike ride! Later it became intensely clouded but at least it stayed dry (which we checked on Yasu’s multipurpose cellphone) so we didn’t give up on our mission, to reach Esaka (near Senri Chuo) from Tsukamoto by bike.
We started biking in the general Esaka direction, at some point even started following a biking trail and encountered quite a few interesting things on the way, like a tiny temple hidden away in some neighborhood.
We had lunch at a cafeteria-like-restaurant where everything was served cold, even though it was supposed to be warm. It was only after I’d given up eating the cold and therefore not tasty food that I noticed the a bunch of microwaves in the back for us to use. Well, never mind, I was over my food by then, and apparently Yasu enjoyed his food enough cold.
We ended up at Starbucks again, as we often do to read or study and enjoy some fancy caffeine, which is why we always carry reading materials. We found a really nice and big Starbucks at Shin-Osaka, but they kept the doors open, making it really cold inside, at least for me, Yasu didn’t seem to be the least bit chilly. These Japanese people have the ability to not feel hot when it’s tropical and to not feel cold when it’s freezing, I wish I had that ability too.
We biked back to Juso to have dinner at some underground izakaya in the yakuza-laden-red-light-district, which made Yasu feel a little uncomfortable at first. But once he took in the surprising interior (it was kind of like dining in a starry fish tank) at the izakaya, he started to relax and we enjoyed a nice meal there.
This was our longest biking adventure so far and I’ve started to experience what we call saddle-pain in the Netherlands. Still it was fun, and we did make it all the way to Esaka, where we did some shopping for Yasu’s wardrobe. So Senri Chuo should be bike-able too, but I’ll still be using the train to commute to work, it’s just quicker!

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