Huge gardens in Nishinomiya

A variety of really good and affordable food is one of the best things of living in Japan. And I must admit one of the things I miss the most whenever I’m visiting my home country, and Yasu of course. Needless to say I was very happy to meet him at our favorite restaurant, Kagonoya (I finally remembered the name) not far from my house, last night. Even though I think it’s usually not cold enough, it is winter, which means it’s time for winter food, like my favorite sukiyaki!
We had planned to bike to Esaka, but today’s heavy rain made us reconsider. Instead we decided to check out this new huge mall, even though some would not consider that wise on a Sunday, especially a rainy Sunday… Sure enough ‘Nishinomiya Gardens’ was crawling with people; good thing the mall was as massive as it was. It was a bit of a challenge to find our way around because there were just too many floors, too many wings, too many stores and way too many people. We encountered the familiar seemingly endless line of Japanese people waiting for something that doesn’t even warrant such patience. This time it was Coldstone ice cream, which from my perspective, really isn’t worth the effort.
The mall was pretty nice, and even though the stores seemed infinite, they didn’t have a Starbucks, which was truly puzzling. They did have a mini Loft, which could easily be my favorite Japanese store. The store may have been mini, but the products were definitely maxi!
The mall also housed a Tohos cinema complex, and we decided to take in a late movie (because it’s cheaper). We browsed a lot of shops, but we bought basically nothing, except for snacks to be eaten during the disappointing movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. But it’s definitely an impressive mall and I’d recommend it to people who’re actually looking to buy stuff. Now, let’s hope it’ll stay dry tomorrow so we can go on that biking trip to Esaka.

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