When I was inviting students to our Christmas Party a lot of them couldn’t make it, even though they wanted to. And in one class the students that wanted to party but already had plans during our Christmas shindig suggested I host another Christmas party just for that class, at my house nonetheless! Well, I liked the party idea but not in my shoebox, and not in December. So I organized a New Year’s Party (a.k.a. Shinenkai in Japan) in Bubba Gump, the real-life shrimp restaurant Forrest Gump started in a fictional movie. Seven students, two foreign teachers and a lot of shrimp made for a great party! It was a lot of fun to talk to this bunch of fun-loving and slightly crazy (like me) students outside of school and I wish I could share the pictures and videos on my blog, but alas they are students…

After dinner, we went for a second party in the Wine Bar in Umeda. I’d seen the place several times and always wondered what it would be like. Well, now I know. A glass (normal size) filled only for 30% with wine costs almost ¥1000, and the seats, which were cramped, cost ¥700 per person (and of course nobody told us until it was too late) to park your behind in, and they weren’t even comfortable! And the restrooms where almost inaccessible and disgusting. This restaurant/bar would be a prime example of how to make sure your customers never come back for a second time. Which I exactly what I won’t be doing ever again. But at least the people I was with were enjoyable and I learned a lot of interesting things about my students.

Odyssey Shinenkai
(if you want to see the pictures with students in this album, become my Flick friend)

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