I’m back

After saying goodbye to the Dutchies at Schiphol, I hurried to the gate and met Enzo there. He went home for New Year’s too and was on the same flight back to Osaka. The flight was OK, but no way as comfortable as the one two weeks ago. I had only one seat to myself and had a very talkative Japanese couple next to me, who kept trying to tell me things in Japanese and who showed each and every picture of their vacation in Germany and Eastern Europe. Sure they were nice people but 12 hours of them is quite tiring. After the flight I hurried out of the airport into a limousine bus, where I got my first 30 minutes of sleep since I left Amsterdam. I’m in for a serious jet-lag this week… Yasu picked me up in Amagasaki and together we went to Tsukamoto.
When I got home I was supposed to unpack, but that mountain of new clothes overwhelmed me and was too much to handle for my closet, so I left them there and opted for a trip to dreamworld instead. I pretty much slept the whole afternoon, while my sweet boyfriend studied for his GRE test. I woke up long enough for a walk through Tsukamoto in search of a restaurant we hadn’t tried yet. After dinner we went home and even though I’ve slept most of today, I’ll be returning to bed right about now because I’m still exhausted. Tomorrow it’s back to work. And oh yeah, after two weeks of hoping for snow to whiten our holidays, it finally started snowing (a lot) when I was on my flight back! Now, I’m hoping for snow in Japan.

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