That’s all folks

I always dread this day, the day I have to say goodbye again, the day I’m bound to cry again because it sucks to say goodbye. And all the other times, I kind of knew I was going to see them pretty quickly again, this time I’m almost certain I won’t see them until the end of December, and that’s a long time from now… Of course, it’s all my own fault for wanting to reside in more exotic places than my own country. Someday I will be able to say goodbye to them without shedding any tear, but that was not today. But I am getting better at it!
We made sure to arrive at the airport in time, so we could chill out at the airport together a bit before me having to rush off to board. But KLM made some error, so about an hour of that precious time was spent standing in line to get my boarding pass, instead of printing it at a machine after having checked in online already and quickly dropping off my suitcases… The rest of the time was spent, drinking Starbucks coffee and hitting each other in the the face.
Don’t worry, we all still love each other, it was just some silly game Gy and I made up in the backseat while driving back and forth to Limburg the last two weeks. It wasn’t fun saying goodbye, but I know I’ll see them on the webcam every Friday because that’s when my mom and I have our regular Skype date. And before I know it it’ll be time to say goodbye to Japan and be back here again. Now, I’m off to Japan, hoping my flight will be as comfortable as the one I had on the way here… Probably not, the plane is full today.

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