Movies and food before going back

Tomorrow I’m going back to Japan, so I’m already getting sad at the idea of having to miss the comforts of being home near my family. But actually, I don’t really mind going back as I’ve gotten pretty comfortable in Japan and this week I discovered that I don’t feel that comfortable in my own country anymore, I’m definitely going to experience a reverse culture shock when I move back to the Netherlands next year… Oh well.
Yesterday, was quite uneventful. I just enjoyed being home, already started packing my suitcase, and my mom was sweet enough to fix a bunch of my clothes on her sewing machine. In the evening, we met Gy in Eindhoven and the four of us went to the movies (Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio). Today we went to the shopping center of Veldhoven, so that I could do some last-minute shopping of things to bring back to Japan, like toiletries and souvenirs. And of course, we had lunch at our favorite place, which was dressed up as a ski-hut for the winter season.
In the evening we had dinner at the Spanish restaurant my parents hosted their wedding party. The interior of the place had changed a bit and they even added live reptiles to the interior. Of course, we drank sangria and had some awesome Spanish food, which makes Japanese-Spanish food pale in comparison. I was surprised at how flexible the waiters were with substitution and on-the-side requests when ordering, which you can totally forget about in inflexible Japan. I was also surprised at the sheer volume of food, it was immense. I think I’ve eaten enough for two months in these two weeks at home. I’m stuffed.
After dinner, we hurried home because Chantal and her fiancé were coming for a last visit and we really wanted to watch a scary movie called “The Strangers” together. I had to watch it here, because I’m too scared to watch scary movies alone in Japan and Yasu is too scared to watch scary movies, period. Well, the movie was scary! I screamed and hid behind a pillow a lot, but it was fun to be scared like that again, and I had enough people to protect me! Now, I just have to remember not to think about that movie when I’m walking home alone in the dark, back in Japan…

4 thoughts on “Movies and food before going back

  1. Eh, ik weet niet of je het bent vergeten ofzo, maar de film was vreselijk eng! Vandaar dat ik de hele tijd zat te krijsen en achter mijn kussen zat… Dus is maar goed dat Yasu en niet bij was!


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