The last time…

Usually the first of the year is spent getting over the last night of last year. Some have hangovers (luckily I’ve never had to deal with that), and almost all are sleepy because of the long night. So we all slept in today. And after we got up we made another trip to Limburg to visit our grandparents.
It was a bittersweet visit, because we were all glad that opa and oma got to spend one more New Year’s Eve together (opa stayed over at the hospice for the occasion), but we all knew this would not be a happy new year for them. Still, it was nice to be near oma and talk to the sweet woman. I’m going back to Japan in 3 days, so I knew this was the last time I’d ever see Oma, so it was surreal to say goodbye to her. I kept looking back, not wanting to leave. But of course I did leave, but I will never forget today, the last time…

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