Happy 2009!

We invited some people over to spend New Year’s Eve with us, but unfortunately the invited adults got sick and had to stay home, but all the invited adolescents (Gy & Myra’s friends) did make it to the party. So our house was filled with a pack of youngsters all bringing with them too much energy and volume, but luckily also a lot of food and booze. 
After a very hectic dinner of regular home-cooked food, numerous snacks and lots of frantic conversation, most of the minors disappeared in the living room for hours of karaoke on a Playstation. This gave us oldies the chance to enjoy our drinks, our mature conversations, and a game of Triominos, in relative peace, ignoring the loud microphoned voices from the sitting room. Just before midnight, all the glasses were filled with a pink-colored champagne in preparation for the big countdown. At midnight, we all clinked our glasses and congratulated each other on making it to yet another year alive.
After giving everybody three kisses on the cheeks we went outside to admire the sounds and sights of the fireworks being lit up all over the neighborhood. This year we didn’t have any fireworks ourselves, probably because last year one of Gy’s friends damaged his hearing when one of the firework sticks exploded prematurely next to his ear. Yeah, it’s a dangerous tradition, but also a fun one!
After we all got cold or scared by the sounds of war in the street, and things shooting around, we all went inside for some Dutch karaoke on TV! More of Gy’s friends arrived and we all sang our hearts out to songs I wish they had on offer at the karaoke chains, there’s nothing like singing along to song in your own language! Finally after 2 AM, Gy and his pack of friends left to continue the New Year’s party at a local bar, and peace and quiet kind of returned to the house. It was a fun evening but also very tiring. Yeah, I’m really getting old, and even older in this new year…

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