Happy helper Minke

Today Minke came to our house to do some major catching up! Of course, we email on a frequent basis, but talking face to face is when it gets really interesting. So she saved all her Bon Jovi adventure stories for today and brought all her pictures and movies to illustrate her escapades. I wasn’t the only one who was happy to see her, so was my mom. First of all, Minke came bearing Christmas presents for everyone and she proved very helpful. My stepsister Myra has a newspaper route and before she can deliver the local newspaper, several flyers need to be folded into each and every separate newspaper. And this is usually my mother’s job, who does it voluntarily. But today she didn’t have to do it alone because Minke was kind enough to join all the folding excitement.
Then after Guido cooked dinner (spaghetti!) and we all had our fair share of pasta, tomato/meat sauce and most importantly melted cheese, someone needed to clean up the after-dinner & cooking mess! And Minke was very helpful again by ladling all the leftover pasta in a ziploc. Isn’t she amazing ;).
All kidding and slave-labor aside, it was fun to see her again and hear about all the thing going on in her life. The most interesting is that she and her boyfriend are planning a trip to Japan in August! So I will get to show Dutchies around again, and again in the humid summer…�

2 thoughts on “Happy helper Minke

  1. Yes, this was a ‘horrible’ day with all the labour and and and and…..oh no, it was really great to see you, talk to you and hug you all! And dinner and flyer folding was really nice! I have seen the ‘secret picture’;) hihi. See you soon!!!!!!!!! xxx


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