Tow of terror

Today it was back to work for my mom. So she got up early and got into her car to drive to work, but then the car didn’t start. After a futile attempts to start the car she gave up and resorted to her bicycle. She left for work and left us with the task of getting her car to start again. None of us are car mechanics, especially not me I was only there in case something needed to be started, steered or driven and of course to take pictures. We thought that maybe the problem was that the car’s battery was dead, but that didn’t really seem to be the problem as the electric windows and the lights were working properly. The CD player seemed to be the only thing that didn’t work, of course besides it not wanting to start. Still we tried connecting her car to another car’s battery, but as expected it didn’t help at all. So we had to tow the car to the garage to let the experts look at it. Gy connected my mom’s car to Gui’s car with a rope so that Gui could pull my mom’s car to the garage with his car. And this is where I came in, I had to be in the driver’s seat, working my magic on the steering wheel and the brake trying to keep the damn thing from crashing into other things (like Gui’s car). Well, the idea seemed simple enough, but let me tell you it’s not simple… It’s terrifying! 
The first couple of meters in the street had me screaming out loud already and in utter stress! The steering wheel and the brake were almost impossible to handle. Making the car turn slightly was a full-on workout, and preventing the car from sliding against Gui’s car when he stopped required me to put my whole weight on the brake. This being my first time of being towed by another car I expected neither of these things to happen and I was in absolute shock when I found out. I was wildly signaling with my arms and screaming at the top of my lungs to make Gui stop the car and get me out of my misery. When he finally got the message, we stopped in the middle of the road and Gy, who had been following us on his moped, stopped next to my window, while he laughed I pleaded with him to take over. But that wasn’t going to happen as Gy doesn’t have a driver’s license and he needed to get to work and he was already late. So I was doomed to be the ‘towee’. Gui called from the front car and assured me I could do this and that he would keep driving at minimum speed. And after a really, really long half-hour of towing, I finally got of my mom’s car with freezing fingers (no working motor, no heater), painful shoulders (stress tension) and a hoarse voice from all the screaming. It’s a shame I was too tensed to take pictures because apparently I looked pretty funny in Gui’s rearview mirror. The car was fixed almost immediately after simply taking apart and reassembling the motor. The mechanics called it a wacky disturbance! Whatever that means. The car is staying over at the garage in case it wakes up with the same problem after another night out in the cold, because I don’t want to go through the towing ordeal again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tow of terror

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Het was dan ook errug lachen Loutje, en het teruglezen ervan bracht weer een vette lach op mijn gezicht.DVK XXXXXXXXXXX je moemie


  2. Hahaha, and it makes also me laugh again about it, because I won’t forget you answering the phone while you were behind the wheel, I think you sounded as funny as you looked hihihihihi! Je bent ook altijd zo grappig!!! xxxx


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