Food of the day

To reward us for all the hard work with her car this morning, my mom cooked us one of our favorite meals. When we were younger we nicknamed this meal “Rice”, even though rice is actually just a small part of the meal. But with potatoes being the staple food in the Netherlands we never really ate rice except when we eat this combination of originally Surinam dishes. So when my mom announces that we are eating rice, we know it’ll come with chicken, bacon, beans and cabbage. This used to confuse Gui and his kids into thinking that we were having a meager meal of rice and nothing else. They’ve tried to make us give the meal a more descriptive name, but it never stuck. So this evening we had ‘Rice’ for dinner and it was good!
Earlier today, Gui and I went grocery shopping again, this time in preparation for New Year’s Eve, so it was a lot again. When we loaded our car with party snacks and oliebollen batter-mix, I snuck in one of my favorites for desert tonight: an apple pie from Albert Heijn (supermarket chain). And after we cleared away the dinner dishes, it was time to pull out the pie, cut it and serve it with some tea and coffee.
I know everybody knows American apple pie, but Dutch apple pie is even better, especially combined with whipped cream. And this pie was no disappointment like last night’s pizza , it tasted exactly like I remembered and what I hoped it would taste like.

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