Belgian weekend

I lived (somewhat unpleasantly) in Belgium for almost ten years, and even though it wasn’t an all-round positive experience there were some things there I really liked! Which is why we went there a couple of times this weekend. In Japan, it’s hard to find affordable wine that tastes to my liking, and so I’ve been looking forward to drinking my absolute favorite drink in the world: Moscato Bianco. I first discovered the sweet & sparkling white wine in Belgium and as wine is cheap in Europe I purchased it on a very frequent basis in Belgium, and when we moved back also in the Netherlands. But this week I found out that they don’t sell it in the Netherlands anymore! They are several makes of Moscato Bianco, which I’ve tried but none of them even come close to that bottle with the orange-copper label (I have no idea what the actual brand name is but I can easily recognize the label). So yesterday, before another visit to Oma & Opa, we made a detour to Belgium, to the exact supermarket we used to shop at to buy a whole case of sparkling goodness. It was easy to find the wine in the supermarket because I’ll never forget its exact location, and years later it’s still the same!
And after another wonderful visit to the grandparents, we detoured to Belgium again (Belgium is close but not exactly on the way) to have dinner. Belgium is famous in the Netherlands for its fries in combination with its lemon mayonnaise, and lots of Dutchies cross the border to get themselves a pile of Flemish fries. Honestly, when you live in Belgium and eat the fries on a weekly basis, you find out that they are actually way too greasy, and just make you long for those dry Dutch fries. But none of us lives there anymore, so now the fries have regained their interestingness, so we happily made a detour across the border from some Belgian grease.
And then today we returned to Belgium one more time. I picked Gy up after he finished serving pancakes and we drove back to our old hometown to eat some pizza at the local Egyptian/Italian (weird combo) restaurant. We always used to love their salami pizza with extra cheese. We used get takeout and bring it back home, and one time it smelled so good that we started eating it on the short drive home and our mom who was waiting at home never even got to see the pizza! Anyway, we’d been talking about it for a while, so we decided to go and get us some.
You know, when you have memories that seem too good or delicious to be true, you should really just let them be and not try to relive them. The pizza was not nearly as mouthwatering as we remembered and it even had a nasty aftertaste of too much tomato sauce. Still, the pizza was way better than any pizza in Japan, and it’s always fun to hang out with my little brother, so it was still a successful outing!

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