It’s always nice to see the step-grandparents again, they’re such wonderful people. Sadly, this time the reunion was not as cheerful as previous times, because Oma (Dutch for grandmother) now lives in a hospice. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the beginning of this year and after battling that disease, the doctors discovered tumors all over her poor brain. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do for her anymore except lessen the pain and make the remainder of her life more enjoyable. So a couple of months ago Oma moved into a very nice hospice near Maastricht, where she’s been taken care of by lovely people and of course her loving husband, Opa (Dutch for grandfather).
I was happy to see Oma because we weren’t sure she’d make it to the holidays, so even though the situation is sad, it was really nice to see her, hug her and be able to talk to her again. These holidays will be her last, but we’re going to make the most of it. Tomorrow we’re coming back to have a huge home-cooked Christmas meal complete with turkey! Oma looks a little different because she keeps eating as she keeps forgetting she already ate, but she’s still the same lovely, witty woman we all adore. Let’s cherish these last days with her as much as we can.

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5 thoughts on “Oma

  1. Lieve Louana, dank je wel voor deze blog. (ik zal het niet in het engels schrijven, dan maak ik vast veel te veel fouten). Ik vond het zo fijn je warme, hartelijke en lieve woorden te lezen over jouw Oma en Opa (mijn lieve tante en oom). Thanks!!!Bea (Guidos niece)


  2. Hallo Louana, Ik sluit me helmaal aan bij de woorden van Bea! Ik vind het heel bijzonder om te lezen hoeveel ze voor jullie betekenen. Verder wil ik je complimenteren met deze blog! Je schrijft echt heel plezierig, vrolijk en hartelijk. Ik heb met heel veel plezier je teksten gelezen en naar de foto’s gekeken!Lieve groetjes, Anja (another cousin of Guido)


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