Christmas market in Maastricht

Maastricht, a beautiful city in the south where I lived for several years as a business student, always has a nice Christmas market this time of year. It’s kind of like the German Christmas market in Osaka, only a lot more extensive and with better and cheaper food. Gui suggested we pay the market a visit this year to soak up some Christmas spirit, and it gave me a nice opportunity to check out all the changes the city has gone through since my graduation in 2006. 
Of course, the Christmas market is located on the Vrijthof right next to the city’s big shopping streets. So even before we laid eyes on all the Christmas goodness at the market, we’d already been in and out of numerous stores and even made several purchases, like two pairs of shoes for yours truly. Then we decided we were hungry and thirsty so we entered one of many cafés, only to find out that their menu was very unsatisfactory. So we only enjoyed some warm drinks to fight the cold, because it’s really cold here in the Netherlands. A couple of weeks ago it even snowed here, Moem showed me on the webcam. I’m hoping it’ll snow for Christmas again. Anyway, the best winter drink here is always hot Chocomel (the best chocolate milk in the world, the brand is recognizable by its yellow color) with whipped cream on top, so that’s what I had. 
After our drinks we were even hungrier so the search for a better café was on, after checking out several options, we finally decided on a place non of us had ever been before. And it was a good choice, their menu was very extensive. Before there was basically nothing decent to chose from, now we had a hard time deciding simply because there was too much to chose from. After long deliberation we decided these dishes were the winners.
With a very full stomach we finally tackled the Christmas market. There were loads of decorations and food on display and for sale, lots of attractions, like a Ferris wheel, a high slide, a carrousel and gambling options (even for children). We even found Santa Claus’s house with a line in front of his closed door, which was a curious sight. But the weirdest find was a snowman with a Hitler mustache… 
After about 30 minutes of walking around on the Christmas market, we continued shopping in the regular stores, until we’d had enough and found it was time to move on to our next destination. A visit to the grandparents.

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