Christmas Eve

The day has been busy but it wasn’t over yet, because it’s Christmas Eve, and we had dinner plans. Moem’s sister Chantal has celebrated Christmas with us almost every year that I can remember, but this year she invited us over for dinner at her and her boyfriend Henk’s house. Henk used to be a professional cook so he prepared dinner for all of us, and Chantal took care of decorations and entertainment. Don’t worry she didn’t dance around the table or anything, she just gave us the grand tour of the house (she recently moved in with Henk), put on the background music, organized cleaning the floor when Henk dropped a bottle of red wine on the tiles, and engaged us in conversation.
Dinner was really, really good. The pictures (made in a dark but atmospheric lighting) don’t really do it justice, but believe me it was a true feast. 
Henk spent most of his time in the kitchen, because in between the 6 (!) courses the food needed some extra preparation. It’s unfortunate dinner started quite late, because six courses later it was already near midnight! So by the time our cook finally got to relax, most of us were tired, because of the time (or jetlag) and because our tummies were absolutely stuffed with heaps of this delicious food.
Even though the food was fantastic, it wasn’t the highlight of the evening. No, the highlight was the champagne toast (in between courses) when Chantal and Henk announced their engagement!! My aunt is finally getting married, and the big day is going to be in the summer of 2010, meaning I’ll be able to attend the wedding too! Congratulations, Chan and ‘uncle’ Henk! And thanks for the wonderful Christmas Eve.

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