My day-long-shopping-spree

Japanese people on average are tiny. They’re short, thin and have small feet, so naturally the clothes they sell there don’t fit me and fashionable women’s shoes don’t tend to come larger than a size 24 (shoe sizes are in centimeters) and my feet measure 25 centimeters. So whenever I go home I make sure I have a wad of euros to spend on clothes and shoes. I know most women love to shop, but I’m not one of them. I hate getting undressed and dressed and undressed and dressed again, especially when I have to do it uncountable times. And it’s even more enjoyable (not!) when it’s winter outside because at that time all the stores have the heater blasting on maximum to create summer inside… But I won’t have another chance until December 2009, so I had to shop. And I had to shop a lot, and it had to be today because I only brought one extra set of clothes to save space for all the new clothes.
My sweet and brave mom accompanied me on my day-long-shopping-spree and after a successful morning at H&M and Hunkemöller (where time spent in a fitting room is even more annoying) we went to refuel at Gyano’s Pannenkoekenhuis (House of Pancakes). Meaning we went to lunch at Gy’s new workplace, a restaurant with Dutch pancakes as its specialty. Our pancakes are huge and really thick and really good. We ordered a sweet one with apple, cinnamon and powdered sugar and a savory one with bacon, onion and lots of cheese. They were delicious, I don’t know which one was better, but I do know that I need to visit the only official foreign Dutch House of Pancakes more often, which is conveniently located in Osaka! But the best thing about lunch was admiring my little brother while he’s hard at work. He seems to enjoy it and it looks like he’s good at it too!
After lunch we worked our way through many, many more stores, with frequent visits back to the car because the shopping bags (not all mine, two of them were my mom’s) were simply too heavy to carry for us, even though we’re rather strong women. But we kept going because we knew there was a reward waiting for us at the end of a day of hard shopping: dinner at Indonesia! My mom got a small Christmas bonus from her boss, so she was treating us (Gui, Gy, Lou and of course herself) to a delicious meal at our absolute favorite Indonesian restaurant. I’ve missed really spicy food (Japanese food is very mild and sometimes even bland) and I’ve missed satay with warm peanut sauce. What a treat dinner at Indonesia was!
All in all, I spend about €700 on clothes today, and I’m not done yet! I still need shoes and some other things… We’re going shopping in Maastricht tomorrow, so I’m not worried, but I am glad that I got most of the dreaded shopping done today. Also now I have something to wear the rest of my vacation!
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