On a plane

After a wild party yesterday night with about 50 of our students, I had to get up very early this morning to catch a train to Amagasaki, then a limousine bus (which sounds way fancier than it really is) to Kansai airport, and now I’m on a plane to Amsterdam, again. This is the fourth time I’m traveling home from Japan, but I’m still just as excited as the first time! I’m hoping for a safe and enjoyable flight, to catch up on a lot of new Hollywood movies, because going to the movies in Japan is super expensive (¥1800 which is about $20), and to drink a lot of Dutch icetea (carbonated sweet tea).
And of course I’m really excited about being home again, spending time with my family, eating a lot of non-Japanese food, drinking wine and milk, Christmas, shopping for clothes in stores that actually carry my size, understanding people and being understood (I should really study some Japanese next year), shopping with my mom, New Year’s Eve, real winter weather, eating pizza with my brother, being able to read labels in the supermarket, and much more. I think the only thing that I’m going to miss these two coming weeks is my sweet boyfriend.

3 thoughts on “On a plane

  1. I agree, veryyyyy good ;)))!!!!Great you were closeby and gaaaafff to be with you for a while! Yasu, thank you we could lent her from you:). xxxxx


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