Wild Christmas

Even though I had to get up really early this morning to catch a plane to the Netherlands, I partied hard last night! It was our school’s Christmas party in some restaurant in Esaka. It was a much nicer restaurant than the one we went to for our Welcome party, in my opinion mostly because they served wine, good wine! Even sangria, which is a bit surprising in an Italian restaurant. The party was also more enjoyable because this time I knew all the students and that makes small talk a lot easier! Back when they were all strangers it was tiring to keep conversations going, but tonight I didn’t even have enough time to talk to everyone I wanted to. The student next to me kept ordering me delicious beverages, and sometimes even two at the time… I guess he thought I was really thirsty? At one point the manager handed out vodka shots to us foreign teachers, herself and some students, I remember at least three each. Which ensured that those of us who weren’t under the influence yet, got there (too) quickly. There definitely were some drunk Santas at this party.
Surprisingly, our Japanese manager seemed immune to the effects of alcohol. Yeah, when you’re pouring water instead of vodka in your own shot glass… Suffice it to say that at the next party we’ll be pouring her glass, if she’s pouring ours! I had planned to get home by 11 PM, because of the big trip the next day. But I was more than tipsy by the time I went home, and some things went wrong on the way back. First of all I got on the wrong train, and found myself traveling back to work instead of home. When I finally got myself on the right train, it stopped after 3 stations and just waited there for a really long time because somewhere somebody had jumped in front of a train again. In the meantime, me, my Santa hat and my inebriated demeanor attracted got a lot of attention, I remember having a lot of conversations in broken Japanese. It was quite fun. I finally got home on the very last train, 2 hours later than planned. I’ve just woken up, still not sober, and I have to get myself and my two suitcases to the airport somehow, on time… Wish me luck.
More pictures
(if you want to see the pictures with students in this album, become my Flick friend)

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